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A Review of Grants for College Students

Did you manage to not only survive, but finally graduate from high school? There is no doubt that once you graduate you feel happy and satisfied with your fine accomplishment. However, you have to take a big step forward and consider college.

Asset Based Lending as a Financing Tool

Many CFOs and other finance executives view asset based lending as a financing outlet of last resort. While that may sometimes be the case, such a view is a one-dimensional perspective.

Business Banking – Keeping Your Accounts Healthy

There’s no room for complacency when it comes to running a business, and running your account is no different. You should check your statements carefully, and have a periodic review of the market to make sure your account is still the best one for your needs.

Airmiles Credit Cards – Just Another Reward Scheme?

There are many incentives for taking out a new credit card. Long term low interest rates are attractive. So too are 0% balance transfer and purchase rates, but these only last a short time. However, there are other rewards that last for the life of the credit card and that are attractive to most credit card purchasers. One of these is the air miles scheme.

A Guide to Offshore Banking

For some guys an offshore bank account may sound like something out of a James Bond film or maybe a clever way for an arms dealer to conduct business. But the truth is that lots of guys use offshore accounts for a variety of reasons. It may sound sexy to talk about an offshore account, but for the most part, banking offshore is about saving on tax dollars.

Amadeo Peter Giannini: The World’s Bigger Banker (Part 1 of 2)

This is the story of Amadeo Peter Giannini, an Italian emigrant who arrived in America still in his mother’s womb, and become the world’s bigger banker.

Advantages of Offering a Pension Plan to Your Employees

It is a well-known fact that all private employers in the United States – whether they be small businesses or giant corporations – must make a decision about whether to offer their employees some sort of tax-deferred retirement scheme.

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