Equity Financing – 6 Key Strategies

When starting a business, it can be an all-consuming affair, something that becomes so ingrained in your life that it can feel like a part of you. Learn the 6 Key Strategies to use when seeking equity financing for your business.

REO Sales to Set More Records in 2009

Countrywide Financial regularly updates an online chart showing how the numbers are trending on its REO properties. Back in August, that chart looked like this: A total of 15,108 REO Listings with a total asking price of $2,707,749,339 (yes, that’s over two billion dollars of REO homes). That REO chart was updated in January this year, and it looked like this: A total of 20,255, a 25% rise in REO listings in five months – with a total asking price of $3,270,467,911…

Bad Credit Computer Finance – Enjoy Best Computer Configuration

Bad credit history no longer acts as obstruction for borrowers at the time of availing a loan, especially when they need it the most. As a matter of fact, to tackle their cash expenses lenders have come up with the bad credit loans.

Borrow Money From Family and Friends For Your Business Start-Up

Sometimes starting a new business requires borrowing money from people you love. With the right plan and attitude it’s OK to ask family and friends to help in your new business venture. Be cautious and mindful to their needs. Only ask loved ones whom you know can afford this kind of risk. When you borrow it is a ‘risk’. A business venture should never be a light decision. Either you will borrow the money and make money or you will lose money.

Financial Wellness

We have all heard about wellness for health and relaxation. So what is financial Wellness? Stock Brokers, Real Estate Agents and larger Corporations use this term more and more.

A Response to the Barron’s Plan – A Good First Step But Not Enough

The Barron’s Plan, as presented by Mr. Edwin Finn, does not go far enough to really fix the current financial crisis. This article is an open letter to Mr. Finn with suggestions about what needs to be understood and addressed.

Are Free Home Grants Really Out There?

Many people dream of owning their own home, but obtaining a first mortgage can be a bit daunting. Most first time home buyers struggle to scrape together enough cash for a down payment or they can’t …

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