Silver Mining ETF – Tried And Tested Investment Tool

Silver being shinier than Gold is something hard to digest, but for the individuals investing in silver ETF, stocks & the physical metal. Silver has clearly defeated Gold with its given returns on investment for at least the past 3 years or so.

How Do I Go About Making PPI Claims?

If you are looking to get back your PPI payments after being a victim of mis-sold PPI policies, you now can take all your money back from your policy lender without much hassle and extra fees. Thanks to the latest high court ruling that has made reclaiming much simpler provided you hire a licensed claim management company. Irrespective of whether you hire or not, you need to know about how you go ahead and make your PPI claims.

Further Activity in Rare Earth Metals in China and Japan

Japan’s Government has said that it intends to source half its needs for Rare Earth Metals from outside China by the middle of 2013. Japan’s trade minister has told his country’s parliament that the intention was to further diversify sources of suppliers, support technological development to cut the amount used and to promote recycling. Now Japan has agreements to source 4,100 tonnes of rare earth from India, 400 tonnes from Kazakhstan and 9,000 tonnes from Australia.

A Few Reasons for You to Take to Gold Trading

Gold is a precious metal that has a great demand in every single country of the world. Most countries both rich and poor have their own gold reserves that are being used as buffers against inflation.

Learning To Live Without

Many Americans are debt happy and purchasing more than they need. Two types of people will define America in the next decade.

Chinese Paper Torture

The latest folly from the ‘powers that be’ can be surmised from two recently floated ‘trial balloons’. The first balloon is a quote from The Economist; “The idea that central banks might cancel their government debt, or restructure them into zero coupon debt, is gaining traction.”

Economic Stability

To paraphrase F. A. Hayek; an economic system based on central planning cannot possibly work, because any central planner would need to have information about all transactions going on in the economy… as well as ‘intelligence’ to use this torrent of information to make economic decisions… and such knowledge and such ‘intelligence’ is impossible.

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