Mr. Dollar, The Good Old Days Are Gone – Perhaps Forever

Since the 70’s the US government calculates Core inflation excluding energy and food costs, which is truly nonsense because the U.S consumers use gobs of energy.

Grants For Starting A Small Business For The Lucky Few?

Grants for starting a small business are waiting… for those who are eligible. Well, there’s more to it. Following the right application process can bring your business closer to the grant money you need…

Mind Over Money

Mind is over money and money is over markets. If you cannot create money with ideas (mental strategies), it will be heart to create money with money. Money is a spiritual force that works through a prevailing mindset. When you change your mindset by intention, you attract or repel the money you need. Abundance is the natural order and design of the universe. Lack of money is man-made and it is an outward sign that we are not believing God for His ordered universe to provide abundance for us. Higher thought must be incorporated into our mental wiring before money flows by law of attraction.

Understanding Economic Cycles (Business Cycles)

The importance of cycle in the economy should be understood by all investors and traders alike. The business sectors are all inter-related and as such have influence on the economy at varying stages. The information below describes how to better understand those cycles.

Money Merge Account – A Guide to an Early Mortgage Payoff

Information on the usefulness of a money merge account. MMA allows an early mortgage payoff, increased savings, consolidate loans, save for major purchases, and other useful benefits to those with a mortgage.

House Mortgage- What Terms You Need?

Mortgage is a secured loan designed to finance people in buying a house or property. It is a long term loan which uses the house as collateral. So in case the borrower was not able to pay the loan, the lender (mortgage company, bank, and lending institutions), can foreclose the house sell it.

Sector Rotation – The Fundamentals of Business Cycles and Hot Stocks

Economic cycles and investment strategies need to be married in with each other in order achieve the best performance. Sector rotation or asset allocation is often used by professional fund managers to enhance the performance of funds and to ensure that the best returns are achieved to the investors. We can use this information the same way and structure our investment based on the economic cycle and favoring the HOT stocks.

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