Online Trading Facts For an NRI!

It is quite possible to carry out online trading staying away from your mother land. If you are a non resident Indian wanting to invest your money in Indian companies and firms, you can do so with the creation of a demat account for an NRI.

Investment Opportunities For NRI in Abundance!

Investment opportunities in India welcomes NRI! If you are a non resident Indian wanting to make wise investments in your country, you are free to do so. Reserve…

NRI Bank For All Your Financial Transactions!

Despite of being away from home, you may have to carry out necessary financial transactions. To be able to do this at ease you must have an NRI bank account.

Tips For Choosing Credit Card Deals

What is a good credit card deal? Is it just something that your friend has been talking about? Or is it the latest credit card deal that you see in advertisements?

Investment Plans – NRI Opportunities!

Make profits by investing in your home town. You don’t have to be physically present in your home town in order to invest in PSEs, debentures and other sectors. Stay overseas and improve your financial health.

EMI Calculation

Equated Monthly Installment or simply EMI is the fixed monthly installment paid for the loan taken on a fixed date which includes Interest component for the period and a contribution towards the Principal loan amount. EMI is arrived as such that by paying the fixed amounts or EMIs for the agreed loan period or loan tenure the total loan amount along with interest is cleared. When the last EMI is paid the loan is cleared or outstanding becomes zero.

Five Ways to Significantly Save Money

A person can save money effectively in different ways. Consider these ideas.

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