Credit Card Fraud: How To Prevent It To Avoid Paying Chargebacks

No business owner likes to deal with it but credit card fraud is a part of every day life. However, their are ways you can help reduce the chances and occurrences of your business being a victim of credit card fraud and experiencing chargebacks.

Merchant Services: What Your Business Needs To Know

When it comes to merchant services, businesses of all sizes need to understand what this means so they know how these services can help their business grow. In this article, we examine a few common terms and services associated with merchant services.

Getting Extra Cash for Your Studies

If you’re a student, you’re definitely going to need money – a lot of it! Education isn’t cheap and there are plenty of things that you would need to pay for, right from your fees, to the cost of books, food, and clothing as well as a room to stay. Tips to help you get extra cash and save on what you have Of course, getting extra cash is the best option; but, what if you could save on what you have as well?

Financial Freedom Is Not A Myth

In an economy at present, many of us struggle with the ability to save for a rainy day, but I am here to tell you that it can be done! You may ask, but “how can you save for a rainy day in such tough times?”

Credit Cards – 5 Tips To Keep Them Safe

Credit cards are very useful things to have and they have done away with the need to carry around huge wads of cash. The average person has 2 or 3 cards in order to get a large amount of credit and also to benefit from the various facilities offered by each card. If you have a card as well then you should be aware that there is a possibility of you losing money on account of it.

What We Can Learn From The Cyprus Banking Collapse

How the banking system in Cyprus has impacted the confidence of consumers from around the European Union and around the world. What we can learn from this and how to move forward.

7 Advantages of Using Advanced MICR Check Scanning for Check Clearing

There are a number of benefits and advantages for businesses and personally, of using MICR Check Scanning for the clearing of checks. Your Cash Flow will be greatly improved because Online Payment Solutions like eRemitpro are able to scan your checks to an account of your choice. Operational efficiency is improved because it is no longer necessary to waste time depositing your checks and handling paper remittances for your business transactions.

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