Successful Futures Traders Hone Mind, Body

Futures and Commodity Trading requires strong mental management and physical conditioning to overcome the stress of trading. Futures traders compete in a hostile world and must be prepared to handle the stress.

Strange Money Habits of Billionaires

I observed in general the world’s top billionaire made their massive fortunes through multiple streams of income. Their secret to financial success is simple enough to replicate: find and turn on as many money taps as you can manage and soon you”ll swimming in an entire lake of cash. In this article, I shall reveal a few strange money habits some of these super-rich folks have.

Same Day Loans – Making Things Easier For You

Same day loans help you to manage your funds for the various urgent payments. This is a loan program that understands the value of money and provides you help to satisfy your untimely financial needs. These loans are rational financial assistance which enables a borrower to face emergencies without any qualms.

Housing Market – Past Present & Future

It’s been well publicized lately that the housing market is on the brink of a crisis – in fact, the crisis has hit the US already. As mortgages become harder to come by and homeowners begin to struggle with rising interest rates and lower demand from buyers, the market is faced with a vicious circle in which prices keep falling, but there are not enough mortgages being offered to increase demand.

Investment Opportunity in Textiles & Garments Sector of India

The textile sector of India offers huge investment opportunity. The current value of the Indian textile market is $36 billion and it constitutes about 5% of the GDP.The domestic and the export market are expected to grow at a very high rate. According to estimates, the industry is expected to reach $83 billion in the coming five years.Seeing the potential of Indian textilee and the garment sector, many international brands, such as GAP, Wal-Mart, Tommy Hilfiger, Benetton, G Star, Levi’s and Marks & Spencer, are using India as a sourcing hub.

What is a Pension Annuity?

When the investment in your personal pension plan reaches maturity when you retire, you will need to transfer its accumulated value into a regular income for the remainder of your retirement. This is achieved through the purchase of a pension annuity – a seemingly simple and straight forward transaction that exchanges the final value of the pension fund into which you have been paying into a regular income. Whilst the principle of a pension annuity is seemingly very straight forward, however, things are rarely quite as simple as they seem.

Where to Get Pension Transfer Advice

A brief scan of the financial pages of the national press might give you some idea of the number of employers these days why are eager to switch their employees from final salary pension schemes into other, personal pension, plans. Many employers are so keen to encourage such a switch that they are offering a lump sum cash inducement for those who elect to transfer their pension rights in this way. Despite such an apparently attractive inducement, however, where can the employee get pension transfer advice that he or she can feel secure in knowing the transfer is in their …

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