Is Pension Drawdown a Good Idea?

Before considering whether it is a good idea, it might be helpful to take a quick look at just what is pension drawdown. Replace that “drawdown” with “withdraw” and it can perhaps be most readily understood as the ability to withdraw money from your pension fund and leave the balance invested, so that (hopefully) it continues to grow. This ability therefore gives the pension holder an additional option on retirement: instead of using the pension for the one-off purchase of a lifetime annuity, funds can be withdrawn or drawn down for the purchase of an annuity at a later date.

Pension Transfers – Should I Be Thinking of One?

Despite the quite considerable contributions individuals are likely to be making to them and the accumulated value they are likely to have, it is surprising how few people keep an eye on how their pension fund investments are doing. The contributions are made on the same monthly basis, come what may, regardless of the investment’s comparative performance. It seems that many people give no thought to the possibility of pension transfers and whether such a move would make sense for them.

Where to Get the Best Pension Advice

Everyone knows that the younger you are when you start paying into a pension, the more you’ll receive when it’s time to pay out on your retirement. Nevertheless, there are still many who delay making that start and a frightening number of people who believe that their entitlement to a basic State pension will be enough to see them comfortably through old age. While they might be right about the entitlement to a State pension, they are most unlikely to find that the State pension alone will ensure anything like a comfortable retirement.

What is an Independent Financial Adviser?

At the risk of sounding facetious, an independent financial adviser is someone who gives independent advice on financial matters. In fact, stating the rather obvious in this way put an important stress on the three vital components of the independent financial adviser’s role. The independence of the adviser is critical.

Who Needs Independent Financial Advice?

Independent financial advice is needed by anyone wanting to ensure that their hard-won money works its hardest for them. There are good ways and there are not such good ways, there are efficient means and less efficient means of literally getting the best value for money – and independent financial advice will point you in the direction of the best routes and the best financial products available. Britain has one of the most developed and advanced financial services industries in the world.

An Interest Rate Guidebook – Pay Your Bills on Money Supply Increases and Inflation

Don’t just stand there when the inflation starts consuming your bank account. There’s a way to protect against the rampant inflation that is sure to come as the price of food, fuel and other necessities climbs and then stays high. One basic concept and a controllable risk can help save the day.

Asset Management Solutions

The Financial market currently displays impressive shifts. You cannot guess what will happen in next moment. The value of shares and commodities might go up and down.

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