Jargon Buster – Finance in Plain English

This article explains some of the most commonly used Financial terms in plain English.

Choosing a College Savings Plan

There are two basic types of tax-free college savings plans, the Coverdell educational savings account and the 529 savings account. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation of the individual family.

Bank of England Favors Increase of Interest Rate

A week ago, the Bank of England voted 6-1 in favor of increasing the nation’s interest rates up to 4.75%. The minutes of the meeting held by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) indicated that the groups had agreed to raise the rates in order to prevent the rise of inflation. But David Blanchflower, who is a new member of the committee, opposed the immediate…

Credit Card Merchant Services – What Should I Be Looking For?

Credit card merchant services come in many different varieties and are available to provide many different services for you. These services include accepting credit cards, bank transfers and debit cards. Find out more…

Cash Back Deals on Financial Products

Maximum cash back (sometimes up to thirty per cent) can be obtained on some credit cards and share deals on some of the up-coming cash back sites.

The New Internet Pirates, Who They Are, And How To Protect Your Self From Them

No longer are we in the era of credit card theft. Yep I said it! Very few scammers actually want your credit card number any more. Why? You may ask, well because the credit card companies were realizing that they were losing billions of dollars, to these heartless con artists

Changing The Fate Of Retail Investors!

Financial Education

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