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Constructing Your Financial Profile – Your Stage of Life

When you sit down with a professional financial planner, the first thing he or she does is construct your personal financial profile. You should begin there, too. A financial profile is a snapshot of your life as you live it day by day. And it is the cornerstone of your personal financial plan.

Ride Out the Recession – Financial Security Tips

The economic downturn is now an established fact, and if you have not already done what you can to hedge against the negative effects of the recession, it is definitely time to start doing so. How can you do this?

How Interior and Northern Florida Homeowners Subsidize Beachfront Estate Insurance

Most consumers don’t have time to read the fine print on their Florida home insurance bill. They don’t realize that even those who live in interior, landlocked, Northern Counties are subsidizing the cost of home insurance for those who live on the Florida coast. Here’s why you are paying the Florida home insurance bill of someone else, even when you are buying auto or business insurance!

Child Trust Funds

My granddaughter has received her child trust fund money and my daughter wanted to know what to do with it. I was also thinking about adding to it, so wondered if you had any thoughts on the better schemes and child trust funds in general.

Financial Freedom in Credit Crisis

It is said that crisis can be opportunity riding a dangerous wind. Where is the opportunity for you when all you hear is more bad news? Money is not being lost, it is not disappearing off the planet. Those that are in the know, know where it’s going and this article will show you this perspective and help you find the direction to not just survive but to thrive in this “crisis”.

Global Finance Regulation – Who is Involved?

Finance regulation is a popular topic these days as countries all over the world are being asked to take a second and third look at how finances are run in their respective countries and on a global scale. It’s no secret that the financial industry has been dealt some major blows in recent years. However, finance regulation promises that these oversights of the past will be met with laws and rules that will protect the financial sector and help the average person.

Finding the Right Commercial Financial Services

Finding the right commercial financial services for your small business is an integral part of protecting your business. Financial services can range from checking accounts to small business loans.

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