FOMC Meeting: Things Have Changed – What It Means!

How Much Money Are You Worth?

In the times that we live in today, money matters are a big deal. The economy is dropping and good jobs are much more difficult to come by than they previously were. With so much concern about money and finances, this is an important time to know how much you are worth.

What Do You Feel Are Debt’s Negatives Or Positives?

Is debt negative or positive? Well, the positive side of debt is, it is easy money for the moment. But the negative side is we need to repay it. And most of the times we end up spending more than what we can afford. Read out the best possible ways to keep our debt under control.

Using Balance Transfers to Make Free Money

Many credit card companies offer promotions on balance transfers with very low interest rates, 0% in many cases. All you have to do is simply apply for a credit card to do a balance transfer and request the maximum credit limit available to you. Don’t be intimated by a big number, you are not going to spend this money and you are not going to lose it.

Will April 2009 Be Quantitative Or Qualitative?

With little left to invest in and most things having been taken over by the US government, back in January two analysts from the quantitative group at ING Investment Management in New York combined research and modeling expertise to hatch a diabolical plan: hit every Manhattan subway station in under 24 hours. Hedge fund analyst Matt Ferrisi and quant analyst Chris Solarz gathered notoriously faulty MTA schedule information, ran regression analysis, considered trillions of combinations and possibilities with sophisticated software, and ultimately plotted a route that would cover all 468 stops in 22 hours 45 minutes. …

Markets Weigh Options

Studying trading data last week had us remembering a story about two cowboys who were watching a herd of cattle that stampeded by. One says to the other, “What do you make of them critters, Vern?” Vern says, “Appears we’re too late to stop them. May hap we should join them.”

Bookkeeping is Not Only For Business

The term bookkeeping is enough to send people running for cover. Why is it that, of all the business tasks to perform, this one is the most popular when it comes to procrastination?

Asset Protection Planning – Why Go Offshore

Offshore asset protection planning normally involves the utilization of offshore trusts and other entities. Offshore planning generally raises justifiable concerns with respect to asset security and tax issues. The most efficacious manner to address these concerns is to make certain that you are receiving the best advice and counsel from a qualified expert in the area with expertise in the field and is recognized and regard by his peers.

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