Now Is the Time to Invest in Property As Rents Hit Record High

The conditions are currently perfect for expanding a property portfolio. New figures from a leading buy to let index show that rents in the UK hit a new high in September 2012 as the demand for rental properties continues to remain strong.

Why We’re Caring Less About Our Children’s Inheritance

Many people considering retirement will be planning to sell their family home, pay off their large mortgage and use the cash to fund a good lifestyle. Attitudes have changed within the current generation with regards to leaving an inheritance to their children.

The Looming Fiscal Cliff

So now that Obama has won, let me just summarize what I had mentioned a month ago on Obama’s likely impact on some key economic issues. The first thing I spoke about was that…

The Slippery Slope

With about 1.6 Billion US dollars of customer’s money ‘disappearing’ in the MF global bankruptcy, you may be wondering what is going on… and exactly where is the world heading. These are good questions, but to answer then we need more than a sound bite… we need to examine a particular bit of world history… the history of the destruction of the Classical Gold Standard.

The Benefits of an Offset Mortgage

The main benefit of an offset mortgage is that a mortgage account is linked to one or more savings accounts so that the interest payments on the mortgage are reduced. But with the monthly mortgage payments based on the full loan amount a borrower is effectively making an overpayment every month reducing the borrowed amount more quickly.

Where to Claim Back PPI

Have you noticed a weird fee on your loan with the bank? Maybe you never seen it before but someone else did. Maybe your bank informed you about this however you never found that it was unneeded. The PPI demand in your bank loan is usually just a superfluous charge that your bank is tacking on to the loan. It’s not something that you need at all. Probably you’ve observed that or maybe you did not realize. But it is crucial that you understand you are able to claim back PPI that you have paid in to the bank. And it’s easy to do.

Financial Requirements of the Travel Compensation Fund

All travel agencies in Australia are required to inject cash into the travel compensation fund. Agencies must also meet minimum financial requirements in addition to what is normally required of a business.

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