Understanding The APR Conundrum

The APR or Annual Percentage Rate was introduced by the Government to make it easier to compare the true cost of loans, mortgages, overdrafts, etc and enable consumers to see at a glance who was offering the best rates. Sadly, many of the financial institutions in the market place seem to have differing views on the exact makeup of the APR, often resulting in inaccurate data being presented.

Bank Of England Minutes Confirm Housing Market Not Responding To Rate Rises

The Bank of England yesterday released the notes from the latest regular meeting to discuss interest rates. While it was confirmed that all nine members had voted to keep rates pegged at the current rate of five percent, this stance may change after data released yesterday.

When Should We Begin Teaching Our Children About Finance

As our children grow older and begin to take more of an interest in what is going on around them, when should we begin teaching them about personal finance? This is a question which crops up time and time again, with many differing views.

Funding Mistakes? No Problem!

If you are just starting a business or buying an established one, you are prone to commit certain funding mistakes. After all, to err is human. It’s possible, however, that these mistakes can cause all your efforts to go to waste. It’s better to know about such common mistakes and rectify them quickly, or better yet, not make them at all.

Handling and Understanding Interest Rates

A few months after someone signs into the credit card service, the interest charges start increasing without anybody informing the clients

Are the Banks Moving the Goal Posts?

After the much highlighted government investigation into credit card charges, and the resulting guidelines, which caused an immediate reduction in profits for the financial institutions, they are starting to hit back.

How to Acquire Funds for Your Startup Business: A Guide to Business Financing Options

One of the most difficult issues for any business, especially a small business or startup, is how to raise funds for projects. You may not be able to fund a business from your savings or friends’ help alone. To that end, many organizations, banks, venture capitalists and government organizations provide funds to businesses that have the potential to turn into something big.

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