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Venture Capital Investors

While evaluating the profitability of venture capital investment proposals under the capital budgeting techniques such as Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of return are used. It should be noted here that these sophisticated methods use the “cost of capital” as the criterion to accept or reject an investment proposal.

Venture Capital Firms

While the terms and conditions of venture capital are not standardized, there are some salient features of venture capital arrangements. The venture capital firm is inclined to assume a high degree of risk in the expectation of earning a high rate of return. The venture capital firm, in addition to providing funds, takes an active interest in guiding the assisted firm. The financial burden for the assisted firm tends to be negligible in the first few years. The venture capital firm normally plans to liquidate its investment in the assisted firm after 3 to 5 years. Typically, the promoter of the assisted firm is given the first option to acquire the equity investment held by the venture capital firm.

Financial Risk, Investment in College and Academic Clout Often Over Blown

All too often academia misleads parents and college students into believing that their institutions carry clout. In fact in the end it is the individual not the school, which provides propulsion in one’s career you see?

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