Trust Your Neighbor – Tie Your Camel

In my last article, I introduced the topic of trust based credit… or how to make money without money. In today’s G’man dominated world, only fringe economic activities like street vending of umbrellas escape the all-smothering regulatory blanket. But imagine if the whole world economy could run on ‘trust based credit’… and escape the ‘vampire squid’ actions of the Bankster and the G’man… impossible you say? Just a pipe dream?

Entrepreneurial Magic

If you have read my last few articles, you may be starting to understand the full value of Honest Money to society and to you and ME… but we have barely scratched the surface. The well hidden ‘magic’ of Gold money emerges only once Gold is in free circulation.

Tired of Service Fees? – Choosing Banks That Charge Less

When it comes to banks, look for ways to pay less on service fees. Know what fees are being charged and why.

Buying a Vacation Home in Retirement

In retirement, the decision to buy a vacation home can be tricky. Using the retirement fund for such a purchase is not only dependent on money, but on age and health.

The Big Nest Egg

Saving for retirement can be a complex exercise. Relying on advice from someone who is far away from retirement can be even more dangerous.

How to Plan Your Finances for an Early Retirement

Early retirement is a dream that many Americans have. Who wouldn’t want to hang up their career suit at fifty, head off to the beach and spend the rest of their lives relaxing and spending time with their family? The reality is that early retirement planning takes great care and might not be a possibility for everyone.

The Stock Market And Tips To Survive

The stock market is probably the most exciting market in the world. Fortunes are made and lost every second in the market. At any given time, there are millions of eyes avidly watching computer screens to see how the market is going.

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