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Role of Merchant Banking Services in Our Economy

Merchant banks found its origin in the early periods in the country of Italy by the Italian merchants. The main function of the merchant banking services include providing financial advice and services to corporate as well as individuals.

What Is in the Pipeline for UK Pension Schemes in 2011?

Pension schemes never sit still, or at least that’s the way it has seemed in the past year, as the government proceeds with its general review of the pension saving sector. So what might 2011 have in store, for those pension savers among us, still labouring at the millstone, but looking forward to a pension-funded retirement at the end of our working lives? It may be several years yet before the dust finally settles, but here are some of the key points of government thinking that have emanated from the hallowed corridors in recent months.

China Investment Research: The Looming Chinese Housing Bubble

There is a trend rising up in China financial news – fear of a looming real estate bubble in China have begun to rise to the surface, alarming Chinese and Asian economic researchers throughout the regions. The IMF is warning that unless China can increase interest rates and enforce a property tax, there will be a “disorderly fall” in property prices. Currently, China’s measures to curtail a bubble are “acting like a band-aid, rather than fixing the actual causes of high residential real estate inflation.

Dollar Collapse: Will It Happen?

Everyone needs money in order to survive. It is the most important item that you should have in your pocket. Whatever you want or need can easily be acquired if you have money. The more money you have, the more things you can acquire. But what if one day you wake up and find out that your money is no longer as valuable as it was yesterday.

Debt Elimination Allows You To Get Out Of Financial Troubles

Are you considering debt elimination that will help you get out from under your financial troubles? Then you need to be sure that you know the debt elimination help that will allow you to achieve this goal.

Discount Checks – Why You Would Want To Care About Them

Today, the number of individuals that seem to have opted for discount checks has increased, but it might still not be very clear as to what really are the advantages of these checks. You might still be wondering why exactly you would want to opt for these and what might be some of the benefits that you might obtain from them. There are some unique advantages to this and perhaps knowing more about it might perhaps convince you that this is after all an option that you would want to try and check out.

Equity Release Can Increase Your Retirement Wealth

Equity release can provide those pensioners that have small pension income with a retirement boost by provide a monthly income from the released equity. Many pensioners do not realise that equity release does not only produce tax free cash, it can also be used as an income generating tool. To qualify you need to be over age fifty five and own your own home outright or with a small mortgage.

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