Opportunities for Microfinance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is growing. People are developing small business out in rural communities but don’t have access to banking. If there was a way to reach these people, they could establish bank accounts which would help them grow their business.

Great Banks Bring You Comfort

When it comes to banks, you want to make sure your money is secure. Learn what to look for in a great institution that you will love doing business with.

How Investment Banks Changed the American Landscape

Learn how investment banks changed the American landscape. Read on to take a brief look at their history.

Personal and Business Banks – Choosing One for You

Banks offer a variety of services for their customers. There are a few things to consider when you’re about to choose a financial institution.

5 Financial Freedoms You Must Protect

Retirement signifies an abundance of free time for hobbies, travel or just relaxation. However, the ability to enjoy your retirement depends on your ability to plan. Your plan must consider five financial freedoms that you want to protect.

Let a Financial Advisor Guide You in Money Decisions As You Age

A financial advisor helps you manage your limited funds as you age. Whether you are facing retirement or just wondering how to invest your new funds, let them help you.

An Economic Slant Resulting From a Three-Way Struggle Between America, Russia and the Vatican

With the take-down of the Berlin Wall and Communism, orchestrated by President Reagan and John Paul, it looked like the west was supreme until Pope Benedict visited the US in 2008 and the economy crashed months later. While the pope’s visit and the economy may not seem related, an undisclosed source said her son was high up in the hierarchy of priests and he visited the Vatican every 2-3 weeks. He said in 2008, Mother, before the elections, life in the US will change forever. Things will never be the same.

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