Long Term Care – Save Thousands

A financial adviser at the bank has told me to take out long term care insurance and I wonder if it’s a bit of a waste of money? My husband died recently but I am worried that my estate might disappear in long term care costs…

Will Additional Fed Stimulus Cause Lower Mortgage Rates?

Earlier this week, a colleague of mine wrote a good post on how an additional round of quantitative easing by the fed might affect mortgage rates. For those who don’t know quantitative easing is a mechanism by which the Federal Reserve increases the money supply.

Banks – The End of Cheap Credit

As if banks and their swashbuckling lifestyles, bonuses and irresponsible purchases and lending isn’t enough. Today the chief executive of the British Banking Association (BBA) has announced that the new rules put in place under Basel III will force up costs for borrowers and that the end of cheap credit is nigh. (When did cheap credit exist?) If that doesn’t get every businessman and borrower in the UK seething beyond comprehension, nothing will. Where on earth did that contrived comment come from?

How Healthy Is Your Pension?

I remember back at the age of 22 I was told to make a Will and start a pension. Nothing could have been further from my mind. Either way, I did it. Back then, the costs of setting up a pension contract were extortionate. My first two years’ pension contributions disappeared in commissions, and one way or another the insurance company managed to pilfer away until there was virtually nothing left.

Consolidate Your Finances Quickly

There are some tips that you always need to remember if you want to consolidate your debts. Try to apply for a home equity loan or personal loan. You also need to inquire for fees and budget the money that you have. Try to remember the tips mentioned to have a guide.

Turn Savings Into a Non-Discretionary Expense

There are many ways to save more money each month. One of the easiest ways to save money is to treat your savings like a non-discretionary expense. When you have savings automatically deduced as a fixed expense, the money is no longer available for discretionary purchases.

Wealth Is Determined by How Much You Spend Not Your Income

Have you ever said to yourself "If I got that promotion everything would be better"? While it may seem like a high income is the answer to financial difficulties, the truth is that wealth should not be defined by our income. The best measure of wealth is the difference between our income and our expenses.

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