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The Benefits of Choosing Accountants at Smaller Firms

There are some benefits to picking a larger corporation to handle your accounting needs (accuracy, liability confidence, proven-track record, etc). But going with a smaller accounting firm may better suit the needs of individuals who want a more personal experience with their accounting needs.

Stimulus Money – Its Role in the Financial World

In the aftermath of the global economic slowdown, many consumers lost their jobs; they were thrown into heavy debts. A new threat has been detected since the consumers started filing bankruptcies in their desperation. Under these circumstances, the creditors faced a credit squeeze since they did not receive the expected sum of profits. As the end result, the financial institutions began to collapse.

Financing For Equipment – Three Things You Need to Know About Canadian Equipment Leasing

Financing for equipment is sometimes a challenge for Canadian business owners and financial managers. What if you had a solid understanding of 3 key elements of Canadian equipment leasing and financing. Let’s explore some key information around three critical elements of lease financing:

Make Money From Ladybird Books

If you’re a parent and one of your offspring currently has their nose in a classic Ladybird book, wrestle it out of their hands at once, put it in plastic and stick it in the attic. Believe it or not it could be worth some sensible money!

Tips to Save Your Money

Change may be the untreated money in your house. You may not realize that they can contribute value to your efforts. From now on, you can start to save your money by collecting all of the coins in your home.

Quantitative Finance Reading List – Numerical Methods

This article discusses books useful for learning numerical methods, in particular Finite Difference Methods (FDM) and Monte Carlo Methods (MCM). These techniques are useful for solving the derivatives pricing equations for quantitative finance and financial engineering.

SR&ED Tax Credit Financing – The Only Two Things You Need to Know About SR&ED Finance

SR&ED Tax Credit Financing is somewhat misunderstood, or in fact not really considered by many Canadian business owners and financial managers in Canada. We use the word ‘considered ‘simply because many SRED claimants are not aware that their SR&ED claims can be financing as soon as they are filed – in some cases prior to filing! So let’s return to our topic – what are the two things you need to know about financing your SRED tax credit.

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