A Bridge Too Far

Where the money comes from to “fix” things. There was a war movie called “A Bridge Too Far” about a desperate operation during World War II to prevent the Germans from blowing up a bridge the Allies wanted to save so they could move men and equipment across in large numbers.

A Phone Call Can Increase Your Credit Score

Credit limits have a great effect on your credit scores. The system of Revolving Utilization comes into effect here. Let me explain how your credit limit can alter your credit score. Assume that you have 10 credit cards with a limit of $500 each. Your total credit limit comes out to be $5000.

Brokerage Services Should Help You Make Money!

Brokerage services are available for a number of transactions such as to buy property, sale and purchase of business equipment, stock and the sale and acquisition of different businesses.

7 Good Reasons to Factor Your Way Into a Positive Cash Flow Position

Reason Number 5. Provide yourself and your business with a consistent weekly cash flow to allow for less stress and better planning.

Do Not Believe What You Hear About US Grants

Never believe the hype that money is being given away for free by the US government. It could not be further from the truth. Believe in the old saying nothing is ever for free.

Determining if You Qualify for a Government Grant

The majority of United States grants are offered to companies or businesses that are non-profit. It is difficult for an individual to obtain a government grant in most cases. A person can, however, form a business or company and obtain help this way.

How Are Finance Charges Calculated?

Whether you are shopping for a new credit card or wondering about the one that you may already have, knowing how to calculate the finance charge applied to that card is important

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